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Routes & Navigation

Easily find the best route to a desired destination with precise data and live traffic. Regardless whether your users are online or offline.

Routes & Navigation

Help your users get their best way with precise data and live traffic. No  matter whether they are online or offline.
0 million

km of roads

Everywhere you go, create using accurate navigation data.

0 million

updates every month

Rely on precise, up-to-the-minute location data. Built by more than 9 million contributors.

0 billion

active users per month

Map confidently and join more than a billion others that use OpenStreetMap every month.

Give accurate instructions to anyone, all over the globe

Assist your users in deciding on running routes in London. Or, help them search for hotels near their next destination in Jakarta. Routes & Navigation offers detailed, up-to-date transportation, biking, driving, and walking directions for more than 40 million miles of road in more than 200 countries and regions. You can rely on detailed, trustable routes anywhere you do business.

Set up optimal routes to decrease costs and boost user experience

Set up multi-point routes using accurate data on distances between points and expected travel times. Get recommended routes for up to 25 waypoints that take into account both predictive and live traffic events. Thanks to route optimization and live localization of trucks, drivers can avoid traffic jams, and you can optimize fleet usage, schedule idle trucks for maintenance and reduce late deliveries.

Even during peak hour traffic, maintain your work environment moving

Know real traffic situations in advance and pick quicker routes, or redistribute deliveries to employees. Predictive workforce modeling can be used to anticipate possible road congestion problems and schedule deliveries for a time when traffic flow is less slow.

Global coverage

The Magic Lane Maps, Location & Navigation Platform includes the best available Open Data globally and now includes more than 2,000 open data sources, including OpenStreetMap, elevation data, satellite imagery, points-of-interest, address data, public transport data, traffic, weather and Wikipedia.



Get instructions for taking public transportation, biking, driving or walking. Derived from real traffic, calculate current or future travel times.

Distance Matrix

Enable different destinations to be calculated from a single start or origin.


An easy way to expand your trips’ vehicle routes is to discover which roads have been driven on and which points of the vehicle route a vehicle has traveled.

Multi Modal Routing

Because we developed the entire platform, you can connect public transport routes with perfect pedestrian routes. Or you can guide your customers with a car route to parking and provide perfect pedestrian navigation instructions to your restaurant.

Traffic aware rerouting

Traffic information is crucial for your navigation experience. Our smart algorithms make possible intelligent user interfaces.

Lane Guidance

Cristal clear Lane Guidance to make sure you don’t miss a turn and can comfortably follow the road when you need to.

Speed Limits

In case you missed a speed sign, we will show you the speed limit always on screen. And in case you’re speeding, a warning message can be played.

Speed Cameras

The free Speed Camera service makes sure you avoid speeding tickets.

Online & Offline

The Magic Lane Navigation solution allows you to calculate routes and provide turn-by-turn navigation entirely online or entirely offline when the maps for the region have been downloaded. Crucial for solutions where you simply can’t rely on an internet connection.

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